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Fleet telematics of all kinds has been around for over 20 years and most TSP offerings are very similar:

  • Driver Behavior
  • Fuel Usage
  • Geo Fencing
  • Route optimization
  • Maintenance
  • Delivery scheduling

However, when it comes to vehicle diagnostics the vast majority of these offerings are still based on hardware that only collates engine data under the OBD2 generic protocol. This is extremely limiting and offers no insight into the health of the whole car.

However, NC1701 enabled devices can report entire vehicle health (DTCs) and data from any ECU on a given car.

Use case 1 - Duty of Care

Corporate duty of care for their fleet drivers should be paramount. Understanding, the complete health of a car’s internal electronic systems is just as important as ensuring the car is safe from an external and driver behavior¬† perspective.

With NC1701 daily Health Checks any ECU fault will be flagged immediately to the fleet manager who can then take remedial action to have the vehicle inspected and repaired at the most convenient time.

  • Reduce accidents & risk
  • Protect employees & the public
  • Achieve legislative compliance
  • Reduce insurance claims
  • Enhance corporate social responsibility

Use case 2 - Cost Savings

  • FUEL – Not only does an NC1701 enabled device have the capability of reporting actual Fuel Level at any given moment but it can also report MPG if the vehicle CAN Bus contains that information
  • Maintenance – as NC1701 can report exact odometer and distance/time to next service directly from the vehicle’s dashboard, fleet managers can operate an extremely cost efficient maintenance program on their fleets. Furthermore, understanding the complete health of a vehicle is paramount to keeping resale values high.
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