Mini Bluetooth OBD dongle


The Micro BLE VCI is Nebula’s first commercial telematics product  featuring our NC1701 chipset.


This Bluetooth ODB plug-in solution is a new and exciting addition to the telematics product market. Designed to be one of the smallest and safest plugin OBD devices on the market with only an 8mm head profile, it fits virtually any car without issues.

The devices biggest USP is that it’s powered by our NC1701 chipset which allows clients to access OEM parameter data (PIDs) like Odometer and Fuel Level and DTCs, from virtually any passenger car or light van. This data is NOT confined to standard OBDII J1979 protocol and opens up a range of new business models and monetisation possibilities.

Although the Micro VCI connects to compatible devices via Bluetooth (BLE) like a driver’s smartphone, it has also been designed to work in conjunction with other GSM/GPS telematic devices that also have BLE as another means of communication.

Micro VCI can be used with smartphone or GSM blackbox


  • Very low profile means it fits virtually any car’s OBD socket
  • So small that it obviates accidental removal or detachment from the socket
  • Can be used directly with smartphone apps or GSM/BLE enabled devices
  • Reads J1979 OBDII PIDs and DTCs as standard
  • Contains NC1701 chipset with OEM data access capability like:
                      • Fuel Level
                      • Odometer
                      • Service Information
                      • Vehicle Occupancy
                      • Door status
                      • Battery status
                      • Tyre Pressure Monitoring data
  • Automatic VIN recognition for make/model/year auto look up
  • Advanced Low Power, Sleep modes and wake on CAN modes
  • Advanced Ignition Detection: able to read Ignition status from multiple sources providing further options for Virtual Ignition Detection
  • OEM DTC read and look up from vehicle wide ECUs
  • Full Remote diagnostics

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  • 32Bit Diagnostic Processor
  • BT Low Energy 4.2 compliant
  • Full CAN Bus connectivity:
  • CAN High Speed 6/14
  • CAN High/Medium Speed 3/11
  • CAN High Speed 3/8
  • CAN Fault Tolerant 1/9
  • CAN Single Wire 1
  • 1 Mbyte flash memory
  • EOBD Standard connector
  • Voltage Range 0 12Vdc (9-14 Vdc)
  • OBDII diagnostic data in accordance with ISO 15785-4

Please CONTACT US for current pricing

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