Nebula Mobile SDK

Connect your app for all the data you need



This SDK for iOS and Android mobile applications allows effortless integration with any NC1701 enabled Bluetooth device, and easy access to powerful Nebula Telematic and Remote Diagnostic services

Complete NC1701 Management
Connectivity with the cloud, Over-The-Air firmware updates, Low power modes, Ignition Sense, etc.

NC1701 Compatible
Compatible with wide range of BLE devices embedding Nebula’s NC1701 telematic microcontroller

Faster time to market

  • Simple integration with your existing mobile Application
  • Compatibility with wide range of BLE plug-in devices
  • No knowledge required on vehicle communication protocols, diagnostics or hardware

Automatic VIN, ECU and Vehicle Identification

Identify the exact vehicle the BLE device is plugged into for driver and vehicle validation. Use the VIN to retrieve the vehicle model information from the cloud

Safe and Secure Vehicle Data Access

Key data points like:

  • Ignition Status
  • Vehicle Speed
  • Fuel Level
  • Odometer
  • Battery Status
  • Vehicle occupancy
  • Service information etc.

can be accessed safely and securely from the vehicle

Perform complete Vehicle Health checks remotely

  • Assessment of any and all current DTCs stored in any ECU in the car
  • Access to vehicle’s Service and Maintenance history

Full remote diagnostics

Allow your trusted and approved garage network to remotely repair and maintain the vehicle

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