Mobility As A Service – MAAS


New MAAS models are appearing all the time and with them there is a demand for vehicle diagnostic data that goes beyond that of OBD2 and into the realm of OEM

Use case 1 - Vehicle Lock/Unlock

NC1701 can use OEM proprietary ECU activation commands from within its VIN specific Config Files to lock and unlock:

  • Doors
  • Boots/trunks
  • Fuel flaps – petrol/diesel/electric

This capability has a myriad of applications across rental, car sharing and MAAS

Use case 2 - Fuel & Odometer

Fuel and Odometer values are undoubtedly the most sort after PIDs. Again, the problem is that the OBD J1979 standard does have a PID for Fuel Level but it is only implemented in about 50% of USA cars and even less in EU and Asian cars. J1979 also lists a PID for Odometer but it is hardly ever implemented by OEMs in any vehicles.

NC1701 delivers OEM dashboard PIDs for Fuel Level in both % and Litres and Odometer in Miles and KMS

Companies and their clients benefit from knowing absolute values at the start and end of journeys or rental periods thus avoiding billing disputes.

Use case 3 - Health Check

Being able to run a complete DTC scan on all ECUs in a vehicle remotely gives companies and their customers complete peace of mind on a cars overall condition and fitness to be rented/shared

Use case 4 - Service Data

Efficient maintenance and scheduling – as NC1701 can report exact odometer and distance/time to next service directly from the vehicle’s dashboard, fleet managers can operate an extremely cost efficient maintenance program on their fleets. Furthermore, understanding the complete health of a vehicle is paramount to keeping resale values high.

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