Why Nebula is better...

USPs and Value Proposition



OEM vehicle data access

We access OEM data that is not available via generic OBD2 SAE J1979 standards


We go beyond OBDII and add each OEM protocol meaning:

Superior coverage

Our MECH5 diagnostic cloud contains over 20 years worth of vehicle engineering IP, with thousands of car models mapped for OEM data acquisition



Understanding automotive systems is what we do

Speed of new coverage

MECH5 cloud and remote mapping give us the ability to add new models in minutes/hours, not days/weeks


Understanding automotive systems is what we do


MECH5 platform hosted on Microsoft Azure

Speed, Power and Scale

– guaranteed –


Vehicle specific data control and complete flexibility

Super fast Configuration File updates to individual vehicle device library, means no download of large database to each device required

Remote cloud access

Remote MECH5 access to new cars and models gives Nebula distinct speed advantage in being able to add new vehicles to our database in hours not days or weeks

Remote data mapping gives massive

speed advantage for adding new coverage

Why NC1701 is better...



Enhanced OEM PID reading

NC1701 use both CAN Bus sniffing and ECU polling techniques to read OEM PIDs like: Fuel Level, Odometer, Door Status, Seatbelt Status, Service Data etc.
See Service Level 1


These values are NOT provided by standard OBDII devices

Enhanced OEM DTC reading

NC1701 offers the ability of a Full Vehicle Health Check – accessing all current OEM DTCs from every ECU in the car, with full look-up and translation in the MECH5 cloud.
See Service Level 2


All vehicle ECUs checked for OEM DTCs.
NOT provided by standard OBDII devices or any other telematic service provider we know of

Full Remote Diagnostics

Full remote technician level diagnostics can be performed via our MECH5.com site
See Service Level 3


Fix the car remotely as if you were standing next to it with a professional scantool

Standard OBDII capability

All generic OBDII SAE J1979 PID and DTC capability is built into the base firmware of NC1701
See Feature 1

Even though we go above and beyond to OEM data levels, we still give you all the basics that you get from “ordinary” chipset providers

Proprietary VIN reading

Our own VIN decoding algorithm based on 25 years of research
See Feature 2


VIN is often not available
under generic OBD2 standards and other telematic hardware struggle to access it

Advanced Ignition detection

NC1701 overcomes many ignition detection issues faced when using an OBD2 dongle
See Feature 3


Prevents car alarms from reacting (e.g. BMW) and dashboard lights appearing

Advanced Power modes

NC1701 can be configured to enter “power saving mode” and can “wake up” using different sources
See Feature 4


Does not drain battery voltage but ensures device is always ready when car is ready

Advanced Security

NC1701  communications are fully encrypted making hacking almost impossible
See Feature 5


Does not drain battery voltage but ensures device is always ready when car is ready

Live firmware updates

The NC1701 firmware can be updated whilst in use in normal operation mode via FOTA


Does not prevent normal telematic operation even when being updated

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